Her home life suffered as she tried to do her best at work. Anxiety and depression led to time off work. Grace’s employers referred her to MorganAsh’s service.

Pauline, the MorganAsh nurse, helped Grace – not only with support and advice, but also with reassurance and understanding.

After guidance from Pauline, Grace met with her employer to seek a solution – either reduced work, or more help. However, her employer felt that the issue wasn’t with the role.

Again, Grace asked MorganAsh for support. Pauline advised that Grace should seek another role, either with the same company or another.

Grace agreed that she wasn’t suited to her job and left to take up another role – a positive outcome for both her and her ex-employer.

Peace of mind

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Our clients say:

The more organisations we can reach with our data, the greater chance we have of protecting vulnerable people from being caused further harm. We are very happy to be working with MorganAsh. They are taking some great strides with their MARS tool in the financial services sector towards really making a difference to how vulnerable people are treated.

Helen Lord – CEO of the Vulnerability Registration Service