Karen and her husband John got in touch with us regarding our Care Navigator service.
Karen’s father is 87 years old, he lives with his wife and has mixed dementia along with some other health issues.

As Mr and Mrs Stokes lived quite a long distance away from their daughter, Karen found it difficult to visit her parents to help care for her father.

Mr Stokes dementia was progressing and his wife was finding it more difficult to care for him at home, Karen and her husband decided it was time to take the idea of a care home into consideration.

Not knowing exactly when the time would come when they needed to put her father into a care home, Karen and her husband decided to get the ball rolling and plan for the inevitable in the future.

Due to the fact Mr Stokes dementia was mixed and it had an effect on other areas of Mr stokes health this made finding a care home more difficult. A lot of care homes won’t provide care for those with certain dementias and also behaviours.

Karen was at a loose end, so many options and unsure of what to do she contacted MorganAsh Peace of Mind – Care navigator service.

Karen advised she had been looking at local care homes recently but had no idea exactly how to go about the process of finding the right one for her father.

Karen got in touch with MorganAsh Peace of Mind to ask for help. When Karen got through she spoke to the Peace of mind team, who were happy to help.

The team advised they would provide expert guidance and support on sourcing a selection of suitable care homes for Karen’s father, they also told Karen how the process would work and advised the next step would involve one of the Peace of Mind in house nurses to give her a call to take some further information to ensure the right options of care were sourced for Mr Stokes.

Once all of the information has been collected it was clear to the team that in the foreseeable future a care home was the best option of care for Mr Stokes.

The Peace of Mind team then sourced a selection of suitable care homes for the family to look through and make an informed choice on the care home required for their father.

Due to the fact Mr Stokes has mixed dementia and also other health issues, trying to find a care home that would cater for all his needs in their area was very difficult.
The team thoroughly searched and short listed a selection of care homes that could cater for Mr Stokes dementia care needs. The recommendations were placed into a bespoke report and sent to the client.

Here is some feedback from the client – Karen:  For anyone who was just starting the process of finding care or needed help in the midst of it all, I’ve no doubt using this service would provide some degree of emotional support and be a source of incredibly useful information too.

“The Peace of mind team was wonderfully friendly, calm and had a professional manner on the phone and also by email. They showed real empathy of the situation and were delicate in how they worded things. The team always carried through on their promises to email me or contact me to confirm arrangements.

“The nurse was incredibly warm, relaxed and friendly in her manner which would put any call recipient immediately at ease. She showed absolute empathy and understanding of the difficulties faced in these circumstances and steered through some of the more delicate questions with ease and care.”

Peace of mind

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