44 scheme members were approached – and a good participation rate resulted in 95% of liabilities being medically underwritten. A buy-in transaction for a £12m tranche of liabilities was completed under the £60m pension scheme. Partnership won the contract.

“With JLT Employee Benefits advising us, we were able to achieve a competitive price by selecting Partnership Assurance and we are pleased with how streamlined the process was.” – Graham Wardle, chairman of the trustees, BESTrustees.

“This new process for completing underwritten buy-in transactions is an important step for schemes looking to de-risk in the most cost-effective way.” – David Barratt, buy-out consultant, JLT Employee Benefits.

“A common approach to the collection of health and lifestyle information from members will ensure that schemes wishing to de-risk through an underwritten exercise will now have a choice of insurers and can be confident of attaining a competitive price.” – Will Hale

Our clients say:

The FCA’s drive towards looking after vulnerable customers sets to change the way we manage our customers. To many, this looks like a daunting task. The MorganAsh MARS tool should make its implementation far easier.

Steve Devine, Protect Association