A small sample size of 28% of members was selected and from these, 61% of members participated. This resulted in 75% of the liabilities being assessed.

The results led to changes to the assumptions on mortality. The information on marital status alone led to a material difference in mortality assumptions. Life expectancy was shown to be 1.6 years less than SAPS S1PA tables, which resulted in a reduction to the pension deficit of pensioners alone of £1.2m. When this was adjusted for the whole scheme, the reduction in pension deficit was £2.4m. As a result of the PLUS project the scheme actuary changed the mortality assumption.

Our clients say:

The service has been amazing, from the initial support received from an in-house nurse, to being referred to a specialised mental-health therapist. During the time of my therapy sessions I received ongoing support from the nurse who would contact me regularly for an update of my progression. The battle with depression has been very difficult to overcome but MorganAsh has helped me every step of the way.

Peace of Mind client