Highly experienced, knowledgeable, patient and caring – our nurses can provide the help that others can’t.

Alison RGN, RM
Alison is a highly experienced nurse, who has worked in hospitals, hospices and in the community – as both a nurse and a junior sister. She also has a special interest in elderly care and palliative care.

Alison RGN
Alison is a qualified registered general nurse who has worked as staff nurse, until qualifying as a midwife where she worked in all areas of midwifery. She has also worked in primary care as a practice nurse, specialising in reviewing patients with respiratory conditions and heart disease. Alison joined MorganAsh in 2007, then went onto join the claims team in 2010 where she eventually became lead nurse. Alison feels a rewarding part of her current role is offering help and support to those going through a difficult time.

Carole RN
Carole is a qualified nurse, with extensive experience within hospitals and out in the community. She has worked as a sexual health practitioner and as a staff nurse – including in the high dependency unit at Salford Royal Hospital. Carole also has a Certificate of Professional Development in Advancing Skills in Contraception and Reproductive Sexual Healthcare from Liverpool John Moores University. Carole has been with MorganAsh for over 10 years. As one of the most experienced members of the team, she also has a significant mentorship role.

Carole BSc (Hons), HND Admin, RN
Carole is a qualified nurse and qualified counsellor, with extensive experience dating back to 1980. She has worked at the Royal Liverpool Hospital, Walton Centre Liverpool and Fazakerley Hospital, including being sister-in-charge at Walton Centre, and several nursing homes.

Jacqueline BSc (Hons), RN
Jacqueline has over twenty years’ experience working in the NHS, including on wards and with families in the community. She is also a practising health visitor and holds a current qualification in community public health.

Jane RN
Jane is a semi-retired registered nurse, as well as working at MorganAsh, Jane teaches healthcare courses and is a part time magistrate. She holds a Diploma in Hypnotherapy and Relaxation and an NVQ Assessor Award D32/33.

Kay MA, RN
Kay has been with us since 2004, as the lead nurse and claims manager. Kay is a registered nurse and has been a senior ward sister – she also has a master’s degree in gerontology. Kay has been a senior ward sister on a nursing development unit; she has a professional background in rehabilitation, and is a qualified trainer and has undertaken several years if academic research into older care. Having had 2 years’ experience as a 24 hour full time home carer for her terminally ill mum before working for MorganAsh, Kay has an appreciation of the difficulties faced by carers.

Maggie BSc, RN
Maggie has been MorganAsh’s operations manager for fifteen years. She is a registered nurse, with a degree in community and healthcare studies. Maggie previously worked for five years as a nurse manager for NHS Direct. Prior to that she worked for around twenty years in the neonatal unit of a South Manchester hospital – and has experience in many clinical fields including chest medicine, cardio thoracic surgery – including being part of a world-leading early transplant team.

Maureen RGN, ONC
Maureen has over thirty-six years’ experience in healthcare and is an accomplished district nurse with extensive palliative care experience (twenty-six years of her career) and team leader. Now semi-retired, as well as her time with MorganAsh she also works as a case manager completing retrospective claims for healthcare funding. Maureen has worked in an oncology department and has maintained a particular interest in palliative care still to this day.

Shelley RN (Dip), BSc (Hons)
Shelley has worked as a nurse, triage nurse, nurse adviser, senior district nurse and crisis worker since 1998, both in hospitals and in the community across the Northwest and in Wales. As a district nurse she was responsible for helping families to improve their lives physically, emotionally and socially.

Sue worked as a nurse for thirty-seven years, predominantly in the NHS, spending the majority of her career providing hands-on care as both a district nurse and senior practitioner in a walk-in centre. In addition, she is highly experienced in providing telephone triage and support via NHS Direct. Working as part of the MorganAsh team enables Sue to utilise her hard-earned experience and make a difference to people’s lives.

Susan SEN, RGN, RM
Susan has over thirty-five years’ nursing experience, including as a hospital and community nurse, bank nurse and a nurse adviser/team leader at NHS Direct. She is also a chairperson for a women’s health group and lead person on domestic violence issues within NHS Direct. Susan has been undertaking claims management calls with MorganAsh for 2 years and has built up a very positive relationship with both claimants and their claim company.

When you need help, medical expertise is a must. So, our services are provided entirely by qualified and experienced nurses – practitioners who are fully trained and registered, with up-to-date skills. They’re people who have worked first-hand with the illnesses, traumas and conditions our customers are living through; they’ve worked on busy wards, they’ve supported people – and their loved ones – through times of crisis; they’ve helped people adjust their lives to better accommodate old age, including with complex medical conditions. 

Our experience can help you through

Our teams of nurses have hundreds of years’ combined experience, in many healthcare roles. When facing a new and daunting challenge, there’s nothing more comforting than receiving help from someone who’s navigated the same situation before, perhaps many times.

But, while essential, medical training and experience is only part of what our customers need. 

When people need help, they also need patience, consideration and empathy. They need someone to really listen to their problems, understand their needs – and to help them in the most sympathetic way possible.

Providing this kind of support, primarily over the telephone, is a skill in itself. While physically distant, our nurses are able to quickly create a connection with customers and develop trust – a bond that enables customers to relax, and talk openly and confidentially about their needs. Our nurses get to know them; they get to know our nurses.

This is the MorganAsh difference. Our nurses understand our customers’ practical requirements, but they also understand that these aren’t by any means the extent of a person’s needs. They consider the whole person – and that person’s specific, individual situation. What’s best for that person. What that person has gone through. What that person can expect to go through. Our nurses are there to help; there to lean on; there for that journey.

Selection criteria

It takes a special kind of person to be a MorganAsh nurse. Yes, we look for medical expertise, but at least as important is the ability to listen, understand and help.

It’s important to us that customers know how carefully we select the MorganAsh teams. We know that when people come to us, they may be in the middle of a life-changing crisis. The time we spend with them counts. We have to get things right. To do this, we have rigorous selection criteria.

We look for those whose skills contribute to those of the team – so that we have specialists in different healthcare disciplines, both physical and mental, helping us to support people with a wide range of needs.

A great part of our role is to understand others. The ability to empathise, care and help – warmly – isn’t something that everyone naturally possesses. For us, this is vitally important and it’s something we seek in all of our nurses. Being able to help, to create a bond of trust, is something that provides a channel for any medical knowledge. 

Our team are spread around the country, as well as at our head office in Cheshire.

We have rigorous selection criteria, designed to help us find those applicants with the exceptional skills we need – backed, of course, by current medical experience. 

Working with MorganAsh

If you are interested in joining the MorganAsh team, please get in touch.

Our clients say:

I think that your service should be used for all cases. Would have taken me a long time to complete all of the forms and I’m amazed by how quick your service is.

Keith Kemp, Essex Finance Solutions, St. James's Place