Around 12 months ago, Mary was involved in a severe road traffic accident.

As a result of the accident Mary was left with two broken wrists, as well as her injuries from the accident Mary was totally shook up by the whole incident.

Not being able to work due to her injuries, Mary contacted Peace of Mind for support and guidance alongside her claim with Forester Life insurance.

Mary received the financial help she needed but most importantly, she received the guidance and support she needed during her difficult time.

Peace of Mind where there to offer emotional support to Mary, talking to our Peace of Mind team she felt comfort during her road to recovery.

It has been a long process but Mary’s wrists are finally improving and she has now returned to work, her routine and life is slowly returning to ‘’normal’’ after what has been such a difficult time.

Here is a quote from Mary –

‘’I would like to thank you and the team for all your help, support and kind wishes through what has been an emotional rollercoaster for myself and my family. The kind words and support received meant a lot to us.’’


** Name and personal details changed for confidentiality

Our clients say:

The nurse called regularly and gave me so much empathy. It was like having a private counsellor. When I had a call scheduled, I’d get in bed with a cup of tea. She’d ask how I was doing – and got me to open up about my doubts in a way that’s not always possible, even with close family and friends. I can’t express in words how much of a help she was.

Peace of Mind client