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Care-Fees Plans

Care-Fees Plans

The need

Care-Fees Plans (also known as Immediate Needs Annuities) provide financial certainty for those who are entering long-term care. It’s a time when financial advisers need to obtain quotes quickly and efficiently – while, to provide quotations, insurers need current, valid, medical information.

The service

MorganAsh provides a secure portal and medical data-gathering service, to obtain all relevant information in a timely manner, and to reduce the administration for advisers.


  • Free to advisers
  • Common process across 3 providers reduces administration
  • New digital portal replaces ageing paper process
  • Tele-interview with care providers improves quality of data
  • Real-time tracking keeps advisers informed of progress


  • Improved security for all participants
  • Reduced administration burden for financial advisers
  • Less hassle for care providers
  • Improved quality and speed of obtaining medical data for insurance underwriters
  • Digital platform for further improvements