Pavis Financial Management found that completing annuity applications was time-consuming, a lot of hassle – and they were aware that they were not the most suitable people to undertake medical assessments, which could result in their clients not getting the best annuity quotations.

In the past, we struggled to get clients to complete the common quotation form to apply for impaired annuities – as it is lengthy and covers so many health issues on one huge form. And, if clients did complete it, there was always something missing – which meant that we had to go back for more information, often having to ask delicate personal health questions.

We came across the telephone medical-screening service offered by MorganAsh. We trialled it and were pleasantly surprised at how easy the system is to use and how well it works. The team are very efficient, and appointments are arranged directly with the client without delay. The client talks to a trained professional with a medical background who understands the right questions to ask to get all the relevant information. Conversations are recorded and accessible to the adviser, should this be needed.

MorganAsh also offers to obtain the various illustrations so the workload on the paraplanner/adviser is minimal. Turnaround times are quicker – and we have been able to easily secure impaired rates with the minimum of involvement from ourselves. The time-saving for the adviser more than makes up for the small charge for using the MorganAsh service – and we would recommend the service to all advisers with clients who are considering annuity purchase, where impaired rates might apply.” – Julie Calvert, technical director, Pavis Financial Management 

Our clients say:

We have a significant proportion of our enhanced annuity applications which are poorly completed or indeed incomplete. This could result in our not being able to offer the best possible terms. The customer journey to us is very important and the applications received from MorganAsh make it a one-stop journey. It helps us to maximise the potential income we can offer to our customers and avoids us having to go back to the customer for further information.

Richard Helyer, chief underwriter and claims manager, Canada life, UK