Mike Kellett - Forbes Securities
Mandated vulnerability checks ensure accurate and complete identification
A mortgage and protection brokerage in Liverpool has mandated the completion of vulnerability assessments for all customers, as the FCA warns financial services of “weak identification” of vulnerable clients.

Sam Whybrow - Thanks Wealth Planning
Acting positively on a discovered consumer vulnerability
Think you know your customers? You can’t know what your customers haven’t told you. A vulnerability assessment showed that a client was dyslexic – but what should the financial adviser do?

Sheriden Davy – James Sharp & Co
Better data, better evidence, more robust compliance
As part of its preparation for Consumer Duty, James Sharp implemented MARS, the MorganAsh Resilience System, to assess, measure and report on their customers’ vulnerabilities.

Our clients say:

Given the often complex and technical nature of financial planning, we must do what we can to demonstrate and be seen as a trusted ‘safe pair of hands’. The current regulatory focus on vulnerability provides a timely opportunity to improve how we can recognise and address vulnerable circumstances, whilst also demonstrating individual care and empathy. Good practice principles and the use of fintech, such as the MorganAsh MARS tool, can greatly improve our ability to assess, store and communicate vulnerability across and between organisations.

Keith Richards, Chair of the Financial Vulnerability Task Force