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Technology may solve many problems, but it has limits – even recent advances in AI and machine learning haven’t come remotely close to replacing the human traits of empathy and understanding delivered intuitively by healthcare professionals.

But, while medical services deliver amazing compassion, they are time-intensive and lack technology’s inherent efficiencies.

And although the financial services sector has some great products, it gets ever more complex and regulated.

We’re MorganAsh, and we’ve made these things better, by combining the best of each into an exceptional range of services for the financial sector.

We developed our own highly secure, bespoke financial information systems, to manage sensitive data.

We’ve grown a skilled well-being team – comprised entirely of qualified healthcare professionals, primarily senior nurses, who are as adept at understanding medical conditions as they are at providing professional empathy.

By fusing expertise in technology, health and regulated financial services, MorganAsh provides personalised, empathy-driven customer experiences that are both scalable and affordable.

We’ve worked with the majority of the UK and Eire’s life insurance companies since 2004, developing a deep understanding of the financial services markets – and have completed over a million cases.

This has enabled us to create an outstanding range of services such as Care Navigator, helping elderly people find care; Crisis Support, helping those with life-changing illnesses to get their lives back on track; proactive mental health, dealing with potential issues before they impact on life and work – and many more, including medical underwriting, tele-interviewing, and vulnerability assessments.

Our innovative work has been recognised in many industry awards, helping us to build both an unequalled reputation and an enviable customer base.

By combining the efficiency of technology and the empathy of humans with financial services expertise, MorganAsh takes the best from three worlds into a range of services that deliver significantly better outcomes – including measurably improved customer experiences and cost savings of millions of pounds.

MorganAsh. Where compassion and technology become one.

Our clients say:

The counselling sessions were great, I found the counsellor very understanding and easy to talk to. I would definitely recommend Peace of Mind counselling to anyone who needs it.

Peace of Mind client