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Physical sickness, injury or mental health issues are a fact of life. Usually, the right treatment and a little time off gets us back on our feet. Sometimes, that isn’t enough. 

For around one in twenty-five people, absence becomes long term. Even when people return to work, they’re not always ready. 

With proactive absence intervention, things can be different. 

Proactive absence intervention works by focusing on the individual. We assign a named, fully qualified nurse to each and every case. This assures continuity and ensures ownership. Because standard services leave the patient to manage their own recovery, that recovery is often delayed, and sometimes never fully realised – especially where stress, anxiety or other mental health issues are part of the problem. 

In contrast, we take ownership and responsibility for each case, proactively moving things forwards – making sure there are no stumbling blocks – until each person reaches the end of their recovery journey. Our nurses explore each individual’s needs with a strict case-confidentiality that fosters openness and trust – enabling us to develop a far deeper understanding of the underlying issues. 

This proactive approach, driven by our healthcare expertise, changes everything. In almost half of our cases, the initially reported condition was only part of the problem – and in around 14% of cases the actual condition was found to be entirely different. By uncovering the root cause of issues, rather than fixing symptoms, we help more people back to work, faster, fully recovered.

We help people to fully understand the reasons behind their challenges, we enable them to make sense of options available to them – and we work with them to put in place strategies and practical services to get them back on track.

We cover all types of problems including social, family, workplace, physical illness or mental health issues – which can be the hardest for traditional services to resolve and from which people are otherwise less likely to return to work. We utilise any current well-being services, such as an employee assistance programme, private medical insurance or group income protection plan – in order to draw upon any resources which companies have already paid for. 

We’re there from beginning to end, genuinely resolving issues and, where needed, negotiating return-to-work strategies. 

85% of the people we help return to work, 70% of them faster than they would have otherwise – and in 95% of cases our service helped to reduce stress and anxiety, a major recovery factor. 

Organisations pay only for the cases on which we work, not an annual, speculative per-person fee regardless of need. By reducing absence, our clients have been able to cut the number of insurance claims, reducing insurance premiums. Our service typically more than covers its own costs – and is even offered free by some insurers. As we work closely with insurers, we can often obtain financial support for treatments.

By focusing on each individual’s recovery, we also help the business – because long-term absence affects not only the person, but also the team and the whole organisation. 

Proactive absence intervention. Our focus is on fixing people. Our results speak for themselves.

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