After three months, Ella’s knee still wasn’t improving. Struggling with severe pain, she needed to take a few days off here and there, just to cope.

Ella spoke to Ashley, a Peace of Mind nurse. Ashley provided the kind of understanding and support that isn’t readily available within the mainstream healthcare service.

Ashley encouraged Ella to be open with her employer about her need to be fully healed, to ensure that enough time could be agreed for her full recovery.

With physiotherapy appointments taking months, Ashley sourced more readily available options. Time off, combined with this physiotherapy, enabled Ella to recover more quickly.

Ella returned to work, finding that MorganAsh had steered her through what had become a protracted experience – opening up more options and cutting her recovery time.

Our clients say:

We used medical underwriting to improve the valuation of our liabilities. The outcome showed a reduction in liability due to mortality of some £5m compared to the scheme actuary’s assumptions for this £40m scheme. MorganAsh carried out this delicate work with sensitivity and efficiency and the weekly progress reporting was excellent too. The payback on the investment in this project is tremendous.

Howard Jones, director of Howie Group Limited and trustee of the Howie Group Limited staff retirement benefits plan.