Jim was referred to Peace of mind. He was signed off work due to work related stress. He had been off work for four months following bullying by his team leader.  This was reported by Jim to his superiors and unfortunately his team leader was made aware of his complaint and the bullying became worse.

Jim developed symptoms of stress as a result of this and developed problems concentrating, loss of memory and became forgetful.  He was unable to sleep or rest and unable to eat. He became unable to cook as he would forget that he’d left the cooker on and unable to drive his motorbike due to lack of concentration. 

He had interviews at work regarding a grievance procedure but has since been unable to attend the meetings as this only added to his symptoms. The situation became so upsetting for Jim that he tried to take his own life and was talked down from a roof by Police.

He is having ongoing counselling and saw a Psychiatrist on three occasions.  He has been given medication to help with his symptoms by his GP. His symptoms initially got better following this treatment but became severe again when he received a letter advising that his appeal regarding his grievance procedure had become void. 

He was the victim of a hit and run accident on his motorbike and his motorbike was also vandalised adding to his stress.  He has surgery due to the accident.

He has since had blood tests to check for stress related diabetes and his condition of Psoriasis has become worse due to the stress.

The nurse was worried about Jim and felt that he is vulnerable, tearful and down. Jim found talking with the nurse very helpful and requested further ongoing contact with the nurse. 

Our nurse continued to contact Jim to check on his progress. He continued to see a counsellor and was feeling a little better until his employers began contacting him pushing for a return to work despite a letter from his GP advising that he wasn’t well enough to return. Jim has been recieving ongoing support from the team at Peace of Mind, he has found this to have a postive effect on the situation.

Jim has now returned to work, the issue with his employer has been resolved and Jim is now feeling positive about his future.


** Personal details changed for confidentiality

Our clients say:

You were very kind. You have just been so nice compared to other people I have talked to. From one person to another, I really do thank you.

Peace of Mind client