Nick had been sent home unwell from work in December 2018.

The Peace of Mind team were contacted by his manager to arrange support from the nurse.

The nurse contacted Nick within hours of this request.  After listening and chatting about the issues he had been facing at work and home, his needs were assessed and a relationship was established. The nurse was able to offer some advice to enable Nick survive what was going to be a busy Christmas at home and to arrange for 6 weeks counselling to start in January.

After Christmas the nurse support continued, along with weekly counselling sessions.  This helped Nick identify difficulties which, in turn, made him feel less anxious.

The nurse and Nick ormulated a return to work plan and the nurse then liaised with the company. A phased return to work was agreed with management and Mr Smith was able to be back working full time within 9 weeks.

Nick said that his case had been handled extremely well and that the counselling had been key.


** Names and details changed for confidentiality

Our clients say:

The service has been amazing, from the initial support received from an in-house nurse, to being referred to a specialised mental-health therapist. During the time of my therapy sessions I received ongoing support from the nurse who would contact me regularly for an update of my progression. The battle with depression has been very difficult to overcome but MorganAsh has helped me every step of the way.

Peace of Mind client