Peter was diagnosed with bladder cancer a few years ago, and other aspects of his life had become a struggle too. With all of this going on, Peter became stressed and depressed.

“It feels that as I get older,” said Peter, “I struggle even more with day-to-day things.”

Depression is one of the most common mental health challenges faced by people in the UK – and affects how you think and feel. Milder forms of depression can make everyday tasks – such as sleeping or working – harder to do; the most severe cases can make a person feel worthless and suicidal. It can affect anyone at any age and from any background, including children.

However, with the right support many people can learn to live alongside depression or overcome it altogether. Even the most severe cases can be treated, often using talking therapies or medication.

Peter used the Peace of Mind service and found the support from our nurse to be “excellent”. Peter said, “I’m very impressed and surprised. I wasn’t expecting the support aspect. Very helpful, thank you. I’m impressed by the idea of the meditation and will look into that, definitely. I’m impressed by your efforts.”

The client’s name has been changed to ensure confidentiality.

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We are seeing increasing enthusiasm amongst trustees and sponsors of moderately sized pension schemes to integrate medical underwriting into their bulk annuity purchase exercises. A coordinated and consistent approach is therefore crucial and we welcome MorganAsh's efforts to develop and refine such an approach in conjunction with a number of insurers.

Neil Rogers, bulk annuity consultant, Mercer Limited