Generali, a provider of Group Risk products to UK-based multinationals, has extended its partnership with MorganAsh, a leading provider of care and tele-health solutions, to add the MorganAsh Care Navigator service to the range of employee benefits it offers to UK companies.

Care Navigator provides expert support and guidance for individuals seeking to make long-term care provision for themselves, a parent or other relative. It is staffed by experienced nurses who have the skills to understand a person’s specific needs and then match them to the most suitable care, whether that is provided in their own home or a care home.

The service is now included in Generali’s Eldercare Support Service (ESS), which provides a range of services to support the parents of employees. These include an occupational therapy assessment, together with the new Care Navigator service, if a parent has an unplanned overnight stay in hospital. Also included are access to an Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) and second medical opinion service. ESS is available free of charge to all employees of those companies benefiting from Generali’s Group Income Protection insurance cover.

More than a million people in the UK aged 65 or over will need 24-hour care by 2035, up from 783,000 in 2015, according to a modelling study by Newcastle University and the London School of Economics and Political Science.

The number of people in the UK aged 85 or over who need 24-hour care is set to almost double from 233,000 in 2015 to 446,000 by 2035, the study published in August 2018 found.

Andrew Gething, Managing Director of MorganAsh, said: “The UK’s population is ageing rapidly, with the over 85s now forecast to be our fastest growing demographic. Many older people live with multiple long-term health conditions, ranging from dementia to diabetes, and that means they have complex care needs.

“We all want to do our best for elderly parents, but understanding the huge range of care options available and finding the right solution can prove a nightmare for many people at what is already a stressful time.''

“Our team act as expert guides to help find the right path. The service is entirely staffed by experienced nurses, who understand individuals’ physical, mental and emotional needs. Using an empathetic, listening approach they help them navigate the complex world of senior care to find exactly the right solution.”

Tracey Ward, Head of Business Development & Marketing, Generali Employee Benefits UK, said: “A growing number of UK workers are balancing the demands of work with looking after the needs of elderly parents and our Eldercare Support Service is specifically designed to support them in that. Care Navigator represents an important additional option within this package of services and one that we believe will be very much valued by those who use it.”

More than 600 people a day are leaving jobs to care for older and disabled relatives, according to research released by Carers UK earlier this month (7th Feb 2019). The figure has increased by more than 10% in six years. Nearly half a million workers have left their jobs to look after loved ones in the last two years alone.

Mr Gething said: “If people are juggling a full-time job and caring for elderly parents that can be very challenging. Care Navigator can help you understand all the options available and find a professional care solution to meet your loved one’s needs. That means you can continue your career, with the peace of mind of knowing that mum or dad are getting exactly the care they need.” 

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The FCA’s drive on looking after vulnerable customers is set to change how we manage our customers. To many this looks a daunting task. The MorganAsh MARS tool should make its implementation far easier.

Steve Devine, Protect Association