Life insurance companies will be able to offer the Peace of Mind service to those making a claim or any policyholder who has fallen ill, suffered an injury or experienced a bereavement.


They will be referred to a nurse who will provide ongoing advice and support and will be able to arrange services such as physiotherapy, cognitive behavioural therapy, counselling and drug or alcohol rehab.


Where a claim is being made the nurse will collect, in an empathetic manner, the information required to process it.


Policyholders are also able to seek a medical second opinion about their health condition via the service and this is done through the NHS, rather than a private healthcare provider, which helps to keep down costs.


Whereas traditionally nurse support services and claims processing operated separately, the new integrated approach means the claimant only has to provide sensitive information about their health condition once, reducing stress and anxiety for the individual and lowering costs for the insurer.

The range of services provided can be tailored to the requirements of the insurance company, which can decide whether they will also be made available to policyholders’ families.

Key benefits of the MorganAsh Peace of Mind service are:

  • Immediate medically qualified crisis support for any policyholder.
  • Reduced costs from combining nurse support and claims processing.
  • Claimant only needs to provide sensitive health information once.
  • Medical second opinions sought through NHS, keeping costs down.
  • Adds value to insurer’s service and differentiates from competitors.

The service can be white-labelled or companies can adopt the Peace of Mind brand.

Andrew Gething, managing director of MorganAsh, said: “In a competitive market, insurers are looking to differentiate themselves, rather than competing simply on price. Our crisis support service does that, adding real value to a company’s proposition in a cost-effective manner.

“Our nurses bridge the gap between the worlds of insurance and medical care and have the expertise and experience to provide invaluable support when people find themselves in a crisis.”

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Our clients say:

Delivering fair outcomes for vulnerable customers inevitably requires the effective use of technology. The MorganAsh MARS tool offers firms an outsource capability and credible solution to achieve that aim and deliver proportionate support and fair outcomes.

Jonathan Warren, head of innovation, Altus