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LifeSearch and MorganAsh team up to improve disclosure

| MorganAsh press release

As part of LifeSearch’s constant drive to improve services to customers, the company has contracted MorganAsh to undertake tele-interviews.

Friends Provident unveils new income protection

| MorganAsh press release

Friends Provident, the income protection market leader, has linked up with MorganAsh to provide a tele-interviewing service to speed up income protection applications and reduce non-disclosure.

Aegon Scottish Equitable introduces tele-interviewing with MorganAsh

| MorganAsh press release

Aegon Scottish Equitable has enhanced its individual protection service by introducing MorganAsh tele-interviewing. The addition of the tele-interviewing service at point of application is for all Aegon Scottish Equitable individual protection products, including critical illness, income protection, business protection and life cover.

Shepherds Friendly Society launches new income protection product with MorganAsh tele-interviewing service

| MorganAsh press release

Shepherds Friendly Society launched its new income protection product in March through IFA distribution. The product will be completely tele-interviewed with MorganAsh’s nurses interviewing all clients for their health and occupational details.

MorganAsh and Dentists’ Provident roll out tele-interviewing service

| MorganAsh press release

MorganAsh wins tele-interview contract with Dentists’ Provident.

Pharmaceutical & General converts to tele-interviewing

| MorganAsh press release

To cater for expansion, and to provide a simple way to purchase its income protection product, Pharmaceutical & General has adopted MorganAsh’s tele-interviewing service.

Mike Hall MP visits MorganAsh and celebrates 100th employee

| MorganAsh press release

Mike Hall, MP for Weaver Vale, today visited MorganAsh in Daresbury Park, Runcorn, to celebrate the growth of the company and its excellent employment record.

Survey of IFAs reveals positive uptake of tele-underwriting

| MorganAsh press release

A recent survey carried out by NMG for MorganAsh reveals that the majority of IFAs are dissatisfied with the efficiency of the underwriting process when proposals require either GP reports or medical examinations.

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