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Consistent approach to vulnerability data needed as regulators flex muscles

| MorganAsh press release

The FCA is beginning to “flex its muscles” with notices issued to firms needing more data on vulnerability - a Consumer Duty expert has warned.

MorganAsh readies financial advisers for Consumer Duty with MARS system upgrades

| MorganAsh press release

The team at MorganAsh has announced further upgrades to its new adviser tool to help businesses better manage and evaluate consumer vulnerability.

Employees’ well-being in COVID-19 lockdown or isolation – what’s actually happening

| MorganAsh press release

Since March 2020, when full lockdown was implemented in the UK, there has been growing speculation about the current and long-term effects on people’s health – and how this will affect both the individual’s well-being and the functioning of the workplace.

Update on Care Fees Plan portal (INA)

| MorganAsh press release

While clearly this is a challenging time for the care community, we are pleased to report the success of the CFP portal in processing quotations.

Lack of general practitioners’ reports should not stall protection policies

| MorganAsh press release

Driven by the pressure put on the healthcare system by the COVID-19 crisis, the UK’s insurance industry, led by the Association of British Insurers, recommended that insurers reduce or cease the number of general practitioner reports being requested. This creates an obvious issue, since obtaining a general practitioner report is still often a key step in issuing some insurance policies.

Timely introduction of digital portal - streamlines Care Fees Plan quotes

| MorganAsh press release

MorganAsh, leading provider of support services for the financial sector, has launched a new digital portal to modernise the data gathering and application processes for Care Fees Plans.

MorganAsh work with LifeSearch on improving protection claims

| MorganAsh press release

LifeSearch and MorganAsh have a shared mission which we would love insurers and intermediaries and reinsurers to join: We want to make enthusiastic supporters out of the bereaved, the critically ill and the disabled we help. Far more so than our market has ever thought possible.

Generali Employee Benefits UK partners with MorganAsh to offer Care Navigator service

| MorganAsh press release

Generali, a provider of Group Risk products to UK-based multinationals, has extended its partnership with MorganAsh, a leading provider of care and tele-health solutions, to add the MorganAsh Care Navigator service to the range of employee benefits it offers to UK companies.

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