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Irish Life

MorganAsh worked with Irish Life to transform the underwriting of two schemes, helping them turn around cases faster, gather better information, reduce costs and grow business volumes.

PG Mutual

PG Mutual started working with MorganAsh in 2007 and has used its tele-interview service ever since. This has improved the accuracy of insurance applications and sped up the application process.

Shepherds Friendly Society

MorganAsh has helped Shepherds Friendly Society to diversify its income-protection product range, reduce contested claims, improve service levels – and more.

More information: Call 0330 159 8167 or e-mail us


The need

Online systems may have progressed greatly in recent times, but they only go so far when there’s a need to get information from potential customers about their health and lifestyle. On the one hand, people are reluctant to talk about health issues in detail; on the other hand, online forms and non-medical employees can’t ‘dig into the detail’ effectively. As a result, data gathered can be inaccurate, leading to high non-disclosure rates and a large percentage of misreported information.

The service

MorganAsh provides an industry-leading tele-interviewing service for insurance providers. We offer choice: the ability to gather information via multiple (but connected) methods, so we can mix and match online and telephone channels – responding to customer preference. Developed over time, our systems go way beyond most online scripts. Our interviews are all undertaken by qualified nurses, trained on the needs of the insurance sector. This makes a massive difference to the quality of data gathered. We build rapport and drill down into responses intelligently and instantly – and so get better data. We’ve undertaken over a million cases and have had almost no cases of non-disclosure.


  • Flexible choice of interviewing processes.
  • Interviews by trained, qualified nurses, experienced in the needs of the insurance industry.
  • Service tailored to each insurance company’s needs.
  • FCA-regulated service.


  • Significantly better data accuracy.
  • Substantially lower non-disclosure rates.
  • Superior customer experience.

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Our clients say:

With MorganAsh tele-interviewing all clients, we are freeing the adviser from the arduous and embarrassing task of collecting medical information. With our product they can focus on the product and financial advice. Advisers and networks are becoming increasingly aware of their exposed liability to their clients in having to undertake the medical interviews. We consider this old model unsustainable within the Treating Customers Fairly environment.

Geoff Spencer, managing director, Shepherds Friendly Society