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MorganAsh enhances vulnerability management by integrating Inbest benefits calculator

| MorganAsh press release

MorganAsh has embedded the Inbest benefits calculator directly within the MorganAsh Resilience System (MARS), to ease and simplify the process of checking whether any benefits are available to a consumer.

Technology adoption is key to meeting Consumer Duty’s requirements

| MorganAsh in the media

Originally published in Bridging & Commercial Magazine

A lack of consistency happens far too easy with individual interpretations of vulnerability. Much like deciding if someone is ‘rich’ or ‘poor’, without some form of guidance, the answers vary based on a range of subjective viewpoints.

MorganAsh results identify engagement as biggest area of consumer vulnerability

| MorganAsh press release

The capability of consumers to engage has been identified as the largest area of vulnerability, according to the latest results from the MorganAsh Resilience System (MARS).

Consumer Duty: Who monitors the customer?

| MorganAsh press release

The FCA’s recent ‘Dear CEO’ letter, on 3 March, reiterated the requirements for Consumer Duty. One item was: “The Duty makes clear that firms must provide support that meets the needs of customers, including those with characteristics of vulnerability, throughout the life of the product or service.”

Comment from MorganAsh - ONS consumer price inflation figures 18 April 2023

| MorganAsh press release

Following the release of the latest ONS consumer price inflation figures, we have a comment from MorganAsh.

Consumers open to revealing health and lifestyle issues, MorganAsh data reveals

| MorganAsh press release

Consumers are more open to answering personal questions about their health and lifestyle than is generally believed, new data from the MorganAsh Resilience System (MARS) can reveal.

Training for vulnerability is not enough to meet Consumer Duty, says MorganAsh

| MorganAsh press release

Training frontline staff and advisers to identify and manage vulnerabilities is not enough to meet the upcoming Consumer Duty regulations, a leading vulnerability expert has warned.

Consumer Duty: Sourcing vulnerability data

| MorganAsh in the media

Originally published in The Intermediary

Vulnerability guidance raised the need to assess and consider the vulnerability of consumers. Consumer Duty regulations added the need to evidence that we have assessed these vulnerabilities and can monitor these over the lifetime of the products.

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