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Videos about MorganAsh and how we operate. Trusted by some of the UK’s best-known brands, MorganAsh combines bespoke technology with professional healthcare expertise to deliver a unique range of services.

About MorganAsh
What makes us different
An introduction to MorganAsh – what sets us apart is the unique way in which we combine technology, professional empathy and financial sector expertise to provide a unique range of services.

Privacy and data security
Keeping data safe
How MorganAsh takes privacy and the handling of personal data extremely seriously, right across all of our business operations – investing significantly in secure systems and processes.

Services for business

MorganAsh is an expert provider of support services for both consumers and the financial services sector. We’re trusted by most UK and Eire life insurance companies.

Medically underwritten mortality studies
For defined benefit pensions
MorganAsh evaluates pension schemes, using evidence-based underwriting – which delivers far more accurate funding valuations. This approach has typically shown variations of 5–10% in valuations, resulting in changes in valuations of millions of pounds.

Gathering data for pension scheme revaluations
Secure and intelligent
This video is sent to scheme members to both inform and reassure them about the data-gathering process – helping keep participation rates high.

Services for consumers

Our Care Navigator range of services helps those in need to find the right care solutions without them having to wade through lots of red tape and jargon.

Care navigator
A Peace of Mind service
Finding care for people in later life can be complex. So many options. So much terminology. No one place to go to for help. We provide help, support, guidance – and Peace of Mind.

Crisis Support
A Peace of Mind service
As much as we’d all like to plan, sometimes life throws us challenges which either can’t be overcome or can’t be overcome very easily. There’s no manual for dealing with an accident or serious illness – but a little help can provide great Peace of Mind.

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You were very kind. You have just been so nice compared to other people I have talked to. From one person to another, I really do thank you.

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