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Proactive absence intervention

Early intervention and proactive case management by a named healthcare professional.

Proactive absence intervention
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It was a brilliant service. Setting aside time to speak to MorganAsh helped me think about where I was up to in terms of illness; it made me more aware of my situation.

Paula – MorganAsh client

Our focus is on fixing people. Our results speak for themselves.

In 47% of cases we uncover and resolve additional issues than those reported. In 14% of cases we find that the reported condition was incorrect. 85% of cases return to work. 70% of cases return to work faster. 95% of cases report reduced stress and anxiety, a major recovery factor.

Paula’s story

Caring for the vulnerable at work and not bringing COVID-19 home to her grandmother drove Paula to anxiety and depression – until we helped.

Jack’s story

With an injury which refused to heal, Jack was faced with more time off or putting himself at risk. MorganAsh helped Jack to return to work safely.

Lucy’s story

Lucy’s depression had become unbearable, coping with life close to impossible. MorganAsh helped Lucy find help and get her life back on track.

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Proactive absence intervention

Proactive absence intervention

The need

Physical sickness, injuries or mental health issues affect the person, the team and the business. Sometimes, employees need help getting things back on track. Without proactive support, absences can bump along for weeks or months. Even when the person returns to work, the problem can still persist.

The service

We approach absence in a measurably better way. By intervening earlier, we can move to a quicker resolution. We’re proactive – which not only means that we drive things forwards, but also that we take ownership and responsibility for doing so. We don’t leave cracks for people to slip through. All cases are handled by qualified, experienced nurses. Their professional empathy means we can dig deeper, to uncover the root cause of absence – in 47% of cases the reported condition was only part of the problem, and in 14% of cases the actual condition was entirely different from that reported. The results speak for themselves. 85% of people return to work. In 70% of cases people return to work faster – and 95% of people say that the service helped to reduce their stress and anxiety. If you already have some employee support services in place, that’s great. Our absence intervention works differently from, but alongside, the cover you already have – we can utilise its services, so you get even greater value from it. (Statistics drawn from managing cases of over 400 employees, across multiple companies, during 2019–2020. Actual results will differ from company to company.)


  • Companies pay per case, not a per-annum fee for every employee regardless of their health.
  • We cover all physical and mental health issues.
  • We provide cover in and out of office hours.
  • We encourage early engagement.
  • All cases managed by a dedicated nurse, who is responsible until the employee is back to work or the issues are resolved.
  • We work to uncover underlying issues and the root causes of absences.
  • We can work alongside any current service – including EAP, private medical insurance or group income protection plan – in order to draw upon resources you’ve already paid for.
  • ‘Ownership’ of problems genuinely resolves issues
  • We help to negotiate return-to-work strategies.
  • Individual cases are always confidential; high‑level management reports are provided to employers.


  • A ‘human approach’ from a named, dedicated nurse as a case manager.
  • Since we reduce absence, we can reduce income protection claims, which can lead to significantly reduced premiums from insurers.
  • 85% of cases return to work.
  • 70% of cases return to work faster.
  • 95% of cases report reduced stress and anxiety, a major recovery factor.
  • Integrates with current services.
  • Continuing support until resolution.
  • A focus on the needs of the person above all else.

Employee absence is a fact of life – for every organisation

Absence due to sickness or injury is unfortunately inevitable, but disruptive nonetheless – especially when it lingers.

Employee assistance programmes seldom fix the real issues

Employee assistance programmes (EAPs) and wellness services can provide some support, but often fail to engage with employees – so don’t solve the problem.

Real resolution comes only from real case ownership

We’re here to fix people – properly – and, at the same time, fill the gaps in other services, by working alongside them, maximising your investment.

MorganAsh is different

MorganAsh’s absence intervention service is different. Centred around ‘healing the person’, we get results by treating each case differently and proactively working towards a good outcome for both employee and employer.

Who we work with

We work with leading insurance providers – which make our services available to their clients – and directly with organisations of all sizes.



Helping people and organisations cope with Covid

People are working, and businesses operating, through extraordinary times. There’s been a terrific pivot to homeworking at an IT systems and business process level – but, for employees, it’s been tougher to adapt. 

Part of this is that we’re undeniably social animals – and it isn’t just the need to work from home comfortably. The pandemic is hugely stressful, filling people with uncertainty. People can’t see loved ones, are supporting the vulnerable or are vulnerable themselves. Mental health has worsened substantially. More than two thirds of adults are worried about the effect of the pandemic on their lives and over half are stressed and anxious. Health services are struggling to cope, and mental health issues take a back seat as people cope the best they can – sometimes in fear of losing their job if they raise their hand.

All along the way, MorganAsh has been here to help. We support those with mental health issues as readily as we do people with a physical illness. We didn’t have to gear up for this – it’s a service we already provided. As the pandemic tightened its grip and people have flagged mental health issues, we’ve helped them: we’ve helped them cope, we’ve helped them get support, we’ve helped them get the time they need to recover and we’ve helped them get back into work.

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Our clients say:

The service has been amazing, from the initial support received from an in-house nurse, to being referred to a specialised mental-health therapist. During the time of my therapy sessions I received ongoing support from the nurse who would contact me regularly for an update of my progression. The battle with depression has been very difficult to overcome but MorganAsh has helped me every step of the way.

Peace of Mind client