April’s story
Overworked and stress led April to depression and isolation, before she turned to MorganAsh for help.

Ella’s story
Although Ella’s recovery from knee replacement surgery went slower than expected, she returned to work.

Grace’s story
Everyone can find work overwhelming, but sometimes a mismatch between person and role can’t be resolved. Grace found her role had become overwhelming but tried to do her best.

Jack's story
Jack is a support worker whose job required manual handling. After surgery, his fractured elbow stubbornly refused to heal.

Jane’s story
When Jane was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2015, it was, she said, a “tremendous shock. I wasn’t expecting it. I had nearly cancelled the screening appointment, but luckily I didn’t.”

Jim's story
Jim was referred to Peace of mind. He was signed off work due to work related stress. He had been off work for four months following bullying by his team leader.

John’s story
When John faced a difficult period in his life – leading to depression – he called upon MorganAsh for help.

Lindsay’s story
Like many others with depression, Lindsay had been taking antidepressants – until she came across Peace of Mind.

Lucy’s story
For Lucy, juggling work while caring for a failing, elderly parent was a fact of life. Like many people, she overlooked her own well-being.

Martin's story
Martin was signed off work due to back problems and tachycardia and arrhythmia. He had been off work for over a year; he developed back problems in the November and was unable to get out of bed or walk.

Mary's story
Around 12 months ago, Mary was in a serious car accident. Through the accident Mary was left with two broken wrists and her world was turned upside down.

Nick's story
Anxiety, depression and confusion all signs that things were taking a turn for the worse for Nick...

Paula’s story
Under pressure at the best of times, life for Paula during the coronavirus pandemic became harder still. Stopping work during lockdown was impossible.

Peter’s story
When Peter used our Peace of Mind service, he says he was “blown away” by the support from one of our nurses.

Sophie’s story
Overcome by her workload, Sophie was forced to take time off. To help, Sophie was referred to MorganAsh’s service.

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Our clients say:

The nurse called regularly and gave me so much empathy. It was like having a private counsellor. When I had a call scheduled, I’d get in bed with a cup of tea. She’d ask how I was doing – and got me to open up about my doubts in a way that’s not always possible, even with close family and friends. I can’t express in words how much of a help she was.

Peace of Mind client