Martin was referred to Peace of Mind.  He was signed off work due to back problems and tachycardia and arrhythmia. He had been off work for over a year initially due to fatigue and tests showed that this was due to low levels of testosterone. He developed back problems in the November and was unable to get out of bed or walk. He received Physiotherapy at home which eased the complaint over a few weeks. He became able to walk around at home but struggled to get comfortable and also with the pain. An MRI scan in 2011 confirmed the diagnosis of Spondylothiesthesis.

Martin is susceptible to depression and was having palpitations and was placed under the care of a Psychiatrist. He had a 24-hour ECG and as a result was prescribed heart medication which didn’t resolve the problem.  He had Physiotherapy and manipulation for this back problem but this was stopped due to the palpitations. Martin had previously been extremely active and his hobbies included football, cycling and attending the gym. He enjoyed going to the theatre, watching rugby matches and gardening all of which he is unable to do because of his back problem. As a result of this Martin became extremely low and no longer wished to engage with friends.

He saw a psychiatrist in 2011 and his medication was increased. He didn’t really see an improvement in his mood. He was sleeping poorly. He only had short periods where he was able to concentrate to watch television or read and he didn’t wish to socialise with family and friends.

Our nurse continued to contact Martin regularly to check on his progress and discuss his mood and any changes in the way he’s feeling. Despite a number of appointments with the psychiatrist and physiotherapist, Martin was seeing a decline in his conditions. 

Martin has now received surgery and is now walking around fairly easily. His surgeon is pleased with his progress.Our nurse is still contacting Martin on a regular basis and to date he has been unable to return to work. He is now able to get outside a lot more regularly and his condition has improved. He is unlikely to return to work within the next year and our nurse will continue to support Martin in the meantime.


Names changed for confidentiality

Our clients say:

The receipt of high-quality data is paramount in enabling us to understand the health of individuals and it ensures there is no bias in selection. The MorganAsh interview is of high quality and reliability and we are happy to price on this basis.

Phillip Beach, head of core pension risk transfer business for Legal and General