Sophie told Carole, a Peace of Mind nurse, how pressure at work had evolved into anxiety and stress. Sophie said she had trouble concentrating and had become short-tempered.

Carole not only provided a listening ear, but also some practical advice: steering Sophie towards meeting with her manager to open up about her situation.

Sophie’s manager was supportive and understanding, recognising the issues and agreeing to provide additional help to balance Sophie’s workload.

Carole also suggested that Sophie go beyond the practical help now provided at work to proactively address her anxiety and depression with counselling.

On top of free counselling sessions, Sophie adopted breathing and relaxation techniques. Able to confidently return to work, Sophie said that she rated MorganAsh 5/5.

Peace of mind

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Our clients say:

I think that your service should be used for all cases. Would have taken me a long time to complete all of the forms and I’m amazed by how quick your service is.

Keith Kemp, Essex Finance Solutions, St. James's Place