PG Mutual is a specialist income protection insurer. Its origins lie with the pharmacy industry, but the company has since widened its distribution to partnering with multiple professional organisations.

PG Mutual started working with MorganAsh in 2007 and has used the company’s tele-interview service ever since. This has been highly successful in improving the accuracy of insurance applications as well as speeding up the application process. 

After adopting the MorganAsh tele-claims service, PG Mutual also took up the claims review service in 2011 – which, in 2017, became the Peace of Mind service. The service assists consumers throughout the duration of their claim. Where appropriate, MorganAsh offers advice and help through their condition and encourages return-to-work strategies.

The service has had great results, notably: 

  • Claimants appreciate being able to talk to a medical professional and receive appropriate advice and 
  • Around 10% have been well enough to return to work, resulting in a considerable saving to PG Mutual.

“The MorganAsh service is fantastic.” – Elisa Ashford, operations manager, PG Mutual

“What I like about MorganAsh, is that they bring innovation and value to our business. They are far more than just a supplier. They are a true partner.” – Mike Perry, CEO, PG Mutual

Our clients say:

I would comment that I am extremely pleased with the handling of this application from submission to the confirmation of acceptance within a time span of ten days. It clearly demonstrated the efficiency of the telephone interview process which in this case took place within a few days of receipt of the application. I feel that particularly where the applicant is female it is more satisfactory for the client to discuss health and medical background issues as the client feels more comfortable talking to a ‘neutral’ person. Additionally, it takes the responsibility off the intermediary in the knowledge that any non-disclosure does not rest with him/her. I did ask my client in this particular case how she felt about the tele-interview and received a very positive response confirming her entire satisfaction with the process. Thanks, and ‘well done’.

An independent financial adviser