We want vulnerable consumers to experience outcomes as good as those for other consumers and receive consistently fair treatment across the firms and sectors we regulate... We expect firms to provide their customers with a level of care that is appropriate given the characteristics of the customers themselves.

The FCA’s ‘Guidance for firms on the fair treatment of vulnerable customers’

The MorganAsh Resilience System

Measures resilience. Manages vulnerability.

Consumer control, plus simple, objective vulnerability assessment

Consumer control, plus simple, objective vulnerability assessment

The need

There is an increasing focus on the need for vulnerable customers to be recognised and treated fairly when purchasing products and services – especially from the financial sector. The FCA’s guidance for firms on the fair treatment of vulnerable consumers sets out these requirements in detail. Organisations need to recognise those people who have additional or different needs and who may be at greater risk. Organisations need to provide a level of care that is appropriate to those consumers. Importantly, organisations need to ensure that their staff, products and services meet those needs, in order to avoid inconsistent outcomes, or increased risk of harm. Being able to accurately assess a consumer’s vulnerability in a consistent, structured way is essential in meeting the FCA’s guidance and, indeed, operating or selling in a fair and ethical way.

The service

The MorganAsh Resilience System (MARS) is a secure, easy-to-use online vulnerability assessment tool which provides an objective, consistent resilience rating – similar to the credit ratings with which we’re familiar. MARS can also advise on appropriate next steps with consumers of differing needs. This is supported by on-demand human services (a team of fully qualified nurses) who can help with more difficult assessments and provide additional services to support the vulnerable. MARS is cloud-based, secure – and requires minimal setup. It can be configured easily to meet the needs of different service providers and integrate with current systems.


  • An objective, intelligent ‘resilience’ rating that is simple to collate.
  • Holistic assessment criteria, covering financial capability, health, wealth, lifestyle, and support network.
  • Depth of detail on each vulnerability and what next steps might be required.
  • Ability to track changes in vulnerability over time – MARS is a ‘lifetime’ system.
  • Options for mortality estimates, for later life planning.
  • A range of reports, both for internal use and to demonstrate compliance to the FCA.
  • Cloud-based, quick and straightforward to set up.
  • Secure (MorganAsh is certified under ISO 27001 and under Cyber Essentials Plus).
  • Highly flexible and configurable – can be adapted to the needs of any organisation. This includes assessment criteria, detailed questionnaires, ‘next step triggers’ and more.
  • Built from the ground up to support today’s vulnerability assessment needs, disability and treating customers fairly regulations.
  • A powerful API (application programming interface) enables bulk transfer of current consumer data and integration with current and standard CRM systems.
  • Supported by a team of fully qualified nurses, to provide expert human help and assistance whenever needed – and to give the human touch, or helping hand, required by some individuals.
  • Free trial for FCA-regulated firms – simple log-on and try before you buy.


  • Significantly improved consumer experience.
  • Enables more ethical operation focussed on fairness and equality.
  • Demonstrable compliance with the FCA’s guidance for firms on the fair treatment of vulnerable consumers.
  • Easy to integrate into current systems and workflows.
  • Highly efficient and flexible in use – doesn’t become an administrative chore.
  • Quantifiable data helps with service delivery, design and planning.
  • Lifetime data, to monitor changes in vulnerability over time.
  • Consistent measurement criteria across different services and organisations.
  • It’s ‘more than a system’ – proven team of healthcare professionals on hand to provide the human touch often lacking in measurement/financial systems.

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It’s estimated there are around twenty-eight million vulnerable adults in the UK. When selling financial products and services, ensuring that vulnerable consumers have their different needs recognised, are treated fairly – and aren’t exposed to avoidable risk – is a priority and a challenge. It’s a challenge that’s met with the MorganAsh Resilience System – MARS.